Natural Earth Burial

White Knight Funerals developed the innovative Transporter System, allowing a Natural Earth Burial to be conducted with traditional dignity.

When it appeared recently on the ABC's New Inventors program, it was selected as the Episode Winner as well as the People's Choice Winner. If you missed the program click here to see the segment.

How a Natural Earth Burial is performed.

A Natural Earth Burial is the simplest and most environmentally responsible funeral style possible, and yet the way we conduct a Natural Earth Burial means the funeral service itself, and the journey to the cemetery need look no different to any other.

Using our innovative Transporter system, we can conduct any style of service with elegance and then conclude the funeral with perfect, natural dignity by gently lowering the shrouded body directly into a medium depth grave (1 metre of earth covering the body) without a coffin.

Instead of a coffin, the deceased is placed in a specially designed, all natural shroud. The shrouded body is then placed within the Transporter.

The pristine interior of the Transporter.

From the outside the Transporter looks like an elegant (American style) metal casket. In the chapel and at the graveside it does everything a 'normal' coffin does.

From the outside the Transporter has the appearance of an elegant American style metal casket

At the graveside, the Transporter is positioned on a custom made lowering device, which when activated allows the base of the Transporter to gradually open.

The custom lowering device with it's 'stretcher bed'

In a smooth process that takes about 60 seconds, the shrouded body descends through the base of the Transporter onto the 'stretcher bed' of the lowering device, and continues until the body lays in it's final resting place - returned to the earth as nature intended.

The shrouded body (mannequin shown here) slowly transferring from the Transporter to the lowering device.

White Knight Funerals is the first and only funeral company in Australia to actively promote Natural Earth Burials. Natural Earth Burial is legal in all States in Australia (other than the ACT).

If the idea of Natural Earth Burial appeals to you, join the Natural Earth Burial Society and be part of a non-profit group working to establish eco-friendly Natural Earth Burial Grounds.