The best outcome to any Funeral.

It’s a simple fact that there is only ever one chance to arrange and conduct a funeral. So as a Funeral Director I can tell you that when a client says to me something like, “That's exactly the kind of funeral Dad wanted”, its music to my ears. Perhaps you’ve never thought about it like that, but there really is no better outcome to any funeral.

At White Knight, we work tirelessly to ensure that every funeral we conduct is ‘exactly the send off’ required to create a strong and positive memory for all those who attend.

Kevin Hartley - Director

Our Philosophy:

It is natural to die and we believe that what is done with the body after death should also be as natural as possible. Our actions should show respect for the deceased and respect for the earth.

The aim of a burial is to return the body to the earth. Though it is seen as 'normal' to bury a body in a sealed timber or metal coffin, it is not a legal requirement; it is simply an outmoded custom. When you stop and think, this practice makes no sense at all, as it simply delays natural decomposition for years and wastes valuable resources.

Similarly, in these environmentally conscious times, thinking people are questioning the merits of cremation. Burning is a violent process that simply consumes the body without any real benefit. The process consumes fossil fuels (heating the incinerator) in order to burn the (organic) remains of a deceased person along with wood, lacquers and plastics of the coffin, unnecessarily producing toxic pollution and four to five times more CO2 emissions than a Natural Earth Burial.

In Australia we have a relatively small population and no shortage of suitable land for natural earth burials. In the longer term, the inevitable establishment of cemeteries set aside exclusively for Natural Earth Burial, will result in the gradual re-forestation of land, and will make a real and permanent contribution to the re-greening of our planet. Beyond just being 'carbon neutral' we can be 'carbon negative' - a very positive thing!

Choosing a Natural Earth Burial is smart thinking! It's the commonsense, responsible thing to do, and as a bonus, eliminating the use of an expensive, unnecessary coffin reduces the cost of the funeral, making Natural Earth Burial comparable with the cost of cremation.

If the idea of Natural Earth Burial appeals to you, join the Natural Earth Burial Society and be part of a non-profit group working to establish eco-friendly Natural Earth Burial Grounds.

What we offer;

White Knight Funerals offer a comprehensive funeral service package with a simple pricing structure that’s easy to understand.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, we can arrange any style, cultural or tradional service. Recognising the trend toward personal spiritualism we also offer a unique spiritual celebrant service.

As well as providing services 'at need', we also offer secure Pre-Paid Funeral options.

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